From Black Water Swamps to White Sandy Beaches

From Black Water Swamps to White Sandy Beaches

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

West Tower Camp to Waldrons Landing---March 17th

Slept in a bit late, the sun already rising before I crawled out of the tent. Warm a majority of the night, but there was a definite chill in the air this morning. We walked through the rest of Osceola National Forest, most of the trail leading past prescribed burns, which at times gave us a few problems identifying the next blaze. However, we didn't take any significant detours. Then came the road walks. Yawn! Unfortunately, we overshot Randy Madison's Shelter, where we'd planned to stop for lunch. We simply didn't see any sign of a turn when orange blaze turned to white and before we knew it, we were at Lassie Black Road. There we dropped our packs in a semi-shaded spot near a fenced field and settled down to a meal. Munching on our goodies, a curious horse and a couple of intrigued goats hoofed it over to check us out.
After the boring time on the blacktop, we encountered some of the nicest trail so far running through oak, pine and palmetto along the bluff overlooking the tea-colored waters of the Suwanee. This certainly boosted our spirits. About two miles in we reached Waldron Landing, our camp for the night. It was mid-afternoon, so we had loads of time to do some field laundry, wash off and soak our feet in the side stream. The water is the color of urine, but it's tasty. It's just funny drinking the stuff because I think each time you take a sip you have to overcome a little mental hurdle. Jon said jokingly that if we'd had a video camera, we could have filmed a comedic survival sketch direct from the F.T. ala Bear Grylls.
Later, we were sitting by the fire, drying a few items of clothing, and enjoying the end of one fine evening.

Wild Wisteria
Suwanee Tea
Laundry Room and Bath
The Drying Rack
Way Down Upon the Suwanee River

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