From Black Water Swamps to White Sandy Beaches

From Black Water Swamps to White Sandy Beaches

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Shelton Park to Econfina Creek---March 31st

What a dreary morning!  Completely overcast and nothing to look forward to except a mind-numbing 15-mile road walk---one step in front of the other.  We had to put up with a few drizzly patches, but looking back, it was better than the full sun radiating heat off the blacktop.
How elated I was to finally arrive at Econfina Creek Trailhead at a little after 1 p.m.  Behold, weary hikers---Trail!!!  We haven't been on one since emerging from Apalachicola National Forest three days ago.  Our efforts were rewarded by nature's hand as sunlight streamed through a break in the clouds.  Our spirits rose dramatically as we transitioned from hard asphalt to a soft dirt path strewn with fallen leaves.
Pitching my tent on a small bluff overlooking the swollen waters of the Econfina, I had plenty of time to relax.  With the miles of road behind me and the sun having again vanquished the clouds, I found it very hard to keep my eyes open.  Oh, why fight it?  Siesta time!  It was Jon's shouting that roused me from my daytime rest.  He'd come across a small rattler that had been sunning itself near the eastern end of Two-Penny Bridge and wanted to warn me about it.  After taking some pictures, we sort of herded it away with a stick.  Hopefully, it will take up shop somewhere other than the trail.  Excitement over, I returned to the bluff and finished reading "The Prairie".  Oh, to live a full life like Natty Bumpo.  What do I do now that I've finished the leather-stocking tales?  Oh yeah---start planning for the Appalachian Trail.

The Rattler
Econfina Creek from Two-Penny Bridge

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